Hello , I’m 

Rojina Safavi 

Ui/Ux Designer , Web Designer / Project management 

Owner of IrWebSaz




A bit 

About me 

IT manager

2022 – Present


2023 – 2024

Barous Design

2022 – Present

Owner and Web-Designer
irwebsaz company

June 2016 – Present

Master of management
Branch: Business Administration
 Tehran university

2024 – Present

Master of Computer Engineering
Branch: Software Engineering
 Islamic Azad University

2021 – 2023

Bachelor of Computer Engineering
Branch: Software Engineering
Islamic Azad University

2018 – 2022

My name is Rojina Safavi. I’m 25 years old, because of my interest in computers, I have been working professionally over 5 years, in the fields of website design, digital marketing, content creation and website user interface design.

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Services that I can provide personally and separately from my group


My last project and customer

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Turkayesh Resturant Ui Design

Royaco Ui Design

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Barous Store Website

Dental Navid Website

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Iranian Tech Services Website

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The ways of communication with me are as follows, I will be very happy if you can contact me. You can fill the form if you want or use another ways .